Checking in

by lonesomeyogurt

Hello everyone, just updating people on how I’m doing. I’m starting to get into the groove of the day here, cooking in the morning and then spending most of the afternoon doing cycles of reading and meditation. It’s nice so far, and the weather is just warming up. My fire starting skills are not the best, so I’m usually a little colder than I’d like to be, but otherwise things are comfortable.

A woman about my age came a few days ago and I think she’s really struggling. I’m trying to help her get comfortable but I don’t know if she’ll end up staying. She’s very New Age-y, talking about spirit walking and auras and all that. I hope she stays, but it might be better if she comes back when she’s more grounded. I’ll keep trying to support her, but I hope I don’t let it sidetrack my own practice.

I have to go now. I miss you guys a lot. I’ll check in again soon.


All that is, it is without Self;

when one sees this with wisdom,

one becomes weary of clinging.

This is the Path to Purity.

Dhammapada 273