First day

by lonesomeyogurt

Hey guys, I’ve arrived in Thunder Bay and have kinda settled in. There was a screw up with my plane flight when transferring from Toronto to here and that’s always frustrating, but luckily I arrived in one piece last night around 11:30.

Canada is nice. People say “eh” a lot, which I think is funny. The Ajahn, Punnadhammo Bhikkhu, seems to be very wise and I look forward to hearing more from him as time goes on. For the moment, I’m mostly just learning from the previous steward, Karl, and he’s very nice as well. It looks like there are two other people here but they are not speaking at the moment so I haven’t met them.

My hut is very nice and runs on a wood stove, which is a cool little touch. I love the snow. It’s great to see animal tracks and stuff in the morning. There’s a little creek nearby that is just starting to thaw and gurgles a bit.

All in all, things are well. I’ll post next week probably if I get to the internet.

Thanks for reading.

A fool who knows of his foolishness

is wise at least to that extent.

But a fool who thinks himself wise

is the one who is truly foolish.

Dhammapada 63