Death in Bangladesh

by lonesomeyogurt

Buddhist homes and places of meditation are being burned today all across Bangladesh.

Please keep those who are affected by this violence in your hearts and minds, and consider donating to any programs put charities for these Buddhist brothers and sisters of ours.

Please also devote equal time towards praying for those who are committing the violence; they must be suffering greatly. May we as a community of beings walking the Buddha’s path not lash out or give in to anger but remember the words of the Blessed One:

“Friends, even if bandits were to carve you up savagely, limb by limb, with a two-handled saw, he among you who let his heart get angered even at that would not be doing my bidding. Even then you should train yourselves: ‘Our minds will be unaffected and we will say no evil words. We will remain sympathetic, with a mind of good will, and with no inner hate. We will keep pervading these people with an awareness imbued with good will and, beginning with them, we will keep pervading the all-encompassing world with an awareness imbued with good will — abundant, expansive, immeasurable, free from hostility, free from ill will.’ That’s how you should train yourselves.

Peace is possible.